Gear VR's Ergonomic Wins

Samsung and Oculus made waves last week with the announcement of the Gear VR mobile head mounted display.  Early responses to the Samsung device running Oculus software have been overwhelmingly positive.  Some of the more subtle wins of the Gear VR are the ergonomic and hygiene features of the HMD.

Removable Foam Liner:

According to reports in Engadget and others, the padding that lines the user facing aspect of the HMD is removable.  Joo Namkung, Samsung product manager calls this feature a necessity for longtime users.  Anyone who has worn a HMD for an extended period of time can attest to the truth of this statement.

Forehead Support:

Another interesting feature of the Gear VR HMD is the forehead support portion that is attached to the central head strap of the device.  The forehead support portion has a curve that conforms to the curvature of the user’s forehead and a wide cross section and serves to distribute the downward force of the HMD about a wider surface.  Presumably this feature reduces the force of the HMD against the user’s face and results in a more comfortable experience.  

About Face Support for Gear VR:

While the designers of Gear VR have made substantial strides in improving the ergonomic and hygienic features of their HMD, there is still room for improvement.  About Face is currently working on adapting its products to be compatible with the Gear VR platform and we look forward to offering accessories to users to further improve their VR experience.